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PIC-2058SMB Infrared receiver module. Easy to receive signal.
PIC-2031SMB Infrared receiver module. Super strong immunity against noise.
PIC-2021SMB Infrared receiver module. Short pulse width acceptable.
PIC-3068SMB Infrared receiver module. 455kHz high speed.
PIC-1018SMB Infrared receiver module. High immunity against noise.
PIC-1023SMB Infrared receiver module. High immunity against noise.
PIC-2063SMB Infrared receiver module. Easy to receive signal.

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Nowadays, the current technology has entered the generation of high-speed information. Information display and transfer has become one of the indispensable parts in our daily lives. In order to obtain the highest economical state-of-the-art technology that can be applied into the actual human lives, Waitrony has developed a series of quality optical electronic components and different kinds of sensing device. From light emitting components (Light Emitting Diode

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