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Οι Τελευταίες Shindengen δελτίο PDF

Μέρος αριθΕφαρμογή
U6SBA60 General purpose UL bridge rectifier
KL3N14 Transient surge suppressors
K1V16 Sidac (Bi-directional thyristor)
D5S4M Single Schottky barrier rectifier
2SK2489 Power MOSFET transistor
2SD1022 Low-speed switching Darlington transistor
S15VB20 General purpose DIL bridge rectifier
2SK2672 N-channel high-speed switching MOSFET transistor
S15VT60 3-phase general purpose bridge module rectifier
D180SC6M Schottky barrier rectifier module
KP10R25 Transient surge suppressors
DF40SC3L Dual Schottky barrier rectifier
S30VTA60 3-phase general purpose bridge module rectifier
S50VB60 General purpose DIL bridge rectifier
S1NB80 General purpose SMT DIL bridge rectifier
SF10SC4 Dual Schottky barrier rectifier
KP15L08 Transient surge suppressors
U6SB20 General purpose UL bridge rectifier
D10LC20U Dual super fast recovery rectifier
KP15R25 Transient surge suppressors
D25SC6MR Dual Schottky barrier rectifier
D6L20U Single super fast recovery rectifier
MA1030 Power switching regulator
S5S4M Single Schottky barrier rectifier
D3SBA20 General purpose SIL bridge rectifier
2SK2491 Power MOSFET transistor
S10SC4M Dual Schottky barrier rectifier
D3S6M Single Schottky barrier rectifier

Shindengen Προφίλ

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Company Ltd. is a world leader in the manufacture of switching power supply equipment for more than 50 years. The company develop and manufacture a host of products related to power conversion, including AC/DC power supplies, power semiconductors, DC/DC converters, unterruptible power systems, static inverters and solenoids. Shindengen products are used by quality-minded customers throughout Asia, Europe and North America in markets as diverse as automotive, computer factory automation, industrial control, office automation, power supply, process control and telecommunications.

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